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    Clarissa Explains Cuntainment
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    The Number Twelve Looks Like You
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    Nuclear. Sad. Nuclear
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    Buddy, You're Making No Sense
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    Heavy Heavy Low Low
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    Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching


La Dispute // All Our Bruised Bodies And The Whole Heart Shrinks

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Chris Evans at the “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Press Conference

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Moon in Aquarius - The Moon and Her Madness

Natal Moon in Aquarius people direct tremendous energies toward neutralizing social injustice and scattering their love in a detached manner across collective humanity. They negotiate emotions through an intellectual framework and remain the objective observer in their tidal feelings. These individuals grasp magic in both the theoretical and ethereal worlds and find poetry in science and astronomy. Ideas seem to generate out of thin air and their emotional chaos is confronted by conversation therapy and humor. They tend to be fierce guardians of their independence and detest any form of possession or emotional control. 


Lunar Aquarians remain cool headed during times of stress and experience frequent ruptures of innovative intuition. They are clever people who pick up language, technology and electronics with ease, and delight amongst the colour of the creative world. Many seem to have lived a future life in the past and produce ideas way ahead of their time. They will retaliate against any form of control and typically stand against any authority that presents itself. There are high streaks of insurgence and impulsive shock value behavior; although rarely transpiring without a good cause. Even if their wild streak is not outwardly present, Lunar Aquarians home a frenzied rebel protesting within. They have a great love of wider humanity, though they may loathe people. Many feel a spiritual and communal bond with animals and urged to advocate on behalf of nature’s welfare. During severe emotional torment, these individuals may experience complete numbness and the sense of exit from their own bodies.


Lunar Aquarians remain playful in love and prefer to keep affairs casual. They are a lighthearted touch and intolerable of double standards in relationships. Their expression may sway toward the eccentric and others may find difficulty keeping up with their abstract thinking. During times of emotional unrest, Lunar Aquarians find great remedy in riding their own intellectual rollercoaster and wandering through the wonderland of their own mind. They have an intrinsic reflex to ease distress, and prefer to offer tangible advice rather than affection. These individuals are driven by an intrinsic desire to shatter society’s consensual regulations and delight amongst like minded, mentally active people. Lunar Aquarians are free spirited people who frequently comprehend radical and obscure ideas. Here the Moonbeams dream of a better world and send imaginative innovation through its midnight whispering winds.

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